welcome to west frankfort
welcome to west frankfort
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West Frankfort Local History

It all started around 1810 when a settler named Frank Jordan, joined by his seven brothers, built a fort and in his honor named it “Frank’s Fort.” As the years passed and the area grew, the name was combined to make Frankfort. Frankfort served as the county seat and also came to be the center of activity following the building of a railroad west of Frankfort. Business spurred up around the railroad and the land west of Frankfort quickly began to trump the smaller community. Eventually the two areas combined to develop West Frankfort and in November 11, 1905 the village made application to become a bonafied city. It was April 10, 1906 when the incorporation papers were signed and West Frankfort became an official city. The city continued to grow over the years and with the coal mines offering a major economic boost, the population gradually grew to the peak of 20,000 residents. Four theatres and a minor league baseball team marked the downtown area. Today, city officials are trying to return to those West Frankfort roots by examining ways to renovate and restore the historic remnants of downtown.


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